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What are the requirements. What is selection guide personal fall protection equipment? spection – Guidelines. Handrail should be free of movement when properly installed. Maximum permissible free fall is six feet.

What Subpart M – Fall Protection. edu Page 6 of 92. - Ensure that fall protection systems/subsystems assembled from components fall protection manual pdf made by different manufacturers are compatible and meet the requirements of applicable standards, including the ANSI Z359 or other applicable fall protection codes, standards, or requirements. Scaffolds, handrails, barriers and movable platforms can be constructed to protect workers employed at heights.

Applications include: protection of a worker on scaffolding, powered platforms, or riding a boatswain&39;s chair. • Must understand and be able to evaluate the risks associated with working at heights. 1 EMPLOYEES: • Must be trained in and familiar with the Fall Protection Program. developed fall protection training programs to assist employers in providing safe work practices, through an understanding of fall protection requirements, and the use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems. Restraint systems must be rigged so that no vertical free fall is possible.

• Describe and explain the proper components of a fall arrest equipment system. 6 feet or more above lower levels, workers must be protected from falling by: Guardrail systems, Safety net systems, Personal fall arrest systems, A combination of conventional fall protection systems and warning line systems, or A warning line system and a safety monitoring system. If any components of an active fall protection system fail, the user could come in direct contact with the hazard, which may result in injury or death.

PFAS’s that incorporate full body harnesses must maintain fall arrest forces below 1,350 lbs. All handrails must be installed without gaps. Active fall protection systems require personnel to be actively engaged in the system. • Must be trained and competent in the use of fall protection equipment prior to conducting work at heights.

DO NOT use the anchor connector to lift tools, materials, or personnel. UW Fall Protection Program Manual│ Revised October │ www. com GENERAL SYSTEM SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection of fall protection shall be made by a Competent Person. 451(g) – fall protection. Section 3 describes the components of a personal fall protection system. The equipment is designed for use. Fall protection must be provided on roofs without 42" high parapet walls or railings.

FALL CLEARANCE: Should a fall occur, there must be sufficient clearance in the fall area to arrest the fall before striking the ground or other object. department of the navy fall protection guide for ashore facilities august, 5. 2 Personal Fall Arrest: Means fall protection manual pdf the product is used as a component of a PFAS to protect the user in theentev of a fall. ISEA USE AND SELECTION GUIDE PERSONAL FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT 1 A comprehensive fall protection program prevents injuries, saves lives and makes good business sense. • FREE FALL: Personal fall arrest systems used with this equipment must be rigged to limit the free fall to 6 feet (1.

0 Purpose Model No. Fall Protection Tipsheet National Safety Council tipsheet about fall protection. Product Description. FALL ARREST FORCES: The assembled fall arrest system must keep fall arrest forces below 1,800 lbs. 213/91) •Any worker required to use fall protection equipment must be trained in its safe use and proper maintenance.

0 kN) and arrest the fall within 42 in. Refer to section 3. Fall protection systems include a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS), restraint, work positioning or personnel riding systems.

Read additional safety notices in the EQUIPMENT SAFETY NOTICES section of this page. protection equipment. Top 4” of shield must be exposed to provide toe board to prevent any items from being kicked into trench. Section 6 details how to inspect the components of a fall protection system.

DATE REVIEWED: J DATE UPDATED: J CLASSIFICATION & LOCATION: General Safety, Occupational Safety. 2 for more information. All fall protection equipment shall be purchased new and unused.

SCOPE The UW Fall Protection fall protection manual pdf Program Manual applies to all departments on UW campuses, off-campus UW work locations and leased properties where any type of activity, indoors or outdoors, could result in injuries from falls. AES RAPTOR TRIREX™ INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 DIAGRAM OF PARTS Arm Assembly Fall Arrest Patent Pending 1. Fall Protection Manual (EHS Program Manual 7. This product meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for fall protection. individuals play in the employment of fall protection equipment: Authorized Person - a person who is exposed to fall hazards during the course of their work. FALL PROTECTION PROGRAM 4. Lanyard Inspection Shock Absorbing Lanyard (Manyard Style) In. Guardian Fall Protection Kent, WAwww.

Fall Arrest: A fall arrest system is required if any risk exists that a worker may fall from an elevated position, as a general rule, the fall. 4 for more information. a free fall greater than 6 ft. · Vi-Go Cable Sleeves are personal fall arresters designed to provide users with superior fall protection for vertical cable lifeline applications. • Provide solutions and abatement methods for fall hazards. The user must be aware that forces experienced during the arrest of a fall or prolonged suspension may cause bodily injury.

navy and marine corps facilities. CAPACITY: The SRL is designed for use by persons with a combined weight (clothing, tools) of. level to avoid an increased free fall distance. navy safety and occupational health manual. Section 5 provides guidelines for planning the use of fall protection systems.

They wear a personal fall protection device, such as a full body harness. What is personal fall protection system? However, regardless of the fall distance, fall protection must be provided when working over dangerous equipment and machinery. FREE FALL: Personal fall arrest systems used with this equipment must be rigged to limit the free fall to 6 feet (1. FALL CLEARANCE: There must be sufficient clearance below the user to arrest a fall before the user strikes the ground or other obstruction. specified in this manual.

Fall Protection Roofer’s Compliance Kit – Product Manual PDF 1 file(s) 47 downloads Fall Protection Training, Fall Protection User Equipment 296. Please call the Special Programs Section ator 1-800-ASK MFRIfor further information. Work positioning systems must be rigged so that free fall is limited to 2 feet (. FALL ARREST: The rope grab is used as part of a complete fall arrest system. Fall Prevention ranng uide: A Lesson Plan for Employers 1 Introduction Falls cause more deaths in construction than any other hazard. That’s why Protecta® has become the go-to choice for safety managers looking for reliable fall protection solutions that comply with safety regulations and help their workers get the job done.

0 RESPONSIBILITIES 4. The term Authorized Person may be used interchangeably with User and End-User. Fall prevention may be handled in a number of ways. This individual requires formal training in the use of personal fall protection equipment and systems. Cable sleeves move smoothly along the lifeline while the user is ascending or descending a ladder and lock instantly in the event of a fall.

Adequate anchorage for a travel restraint system means that it is capable of supporting a static load of 2 kilonewtons (kN) (450 lb) with a recommended safety factor of at least 2 (i. Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Section 4 goes into greater detail, listing typical components for various work scenarios and applications.

1 specific equipment inspection. Where these devices are impractical, personal fall protection equipment such as full body harnesses, lanyards and retractable lifelines may be used. Personal Fall Protection 19-3 PERSONAL FALL PROTECTION • Full-body harness • Lanyard • Lifeline • Rope grab to attach harness or lanyard to lifeline. • Implement a fall protection program.

Whether you are looking for visual references of specific system types, a basic introduction to fall arrest systems, or information on common solutions to fall hazards in your industry, download our 28 page Fall Protection Systems Guide in pdf format. The University of Washington, through the UW Fall Protection Program Manual, is committed to protecting employees and others from fall hazards through safe design, hazard elimination, engineering controls, safe work practices. Consequently, the standard for fall protection deals with both the human and equipment-related issues in protecting workers from fall hazards. Fall Protection Categories All fall protection products fit into four functional categories.

and care procedures for fall. Always consult a Competent or Qualified Person before using these systems. Fall protection training should be an integral part of a comprehensive safety program. (8 kN) when used with a full body harness. The PFAS used with this equipment are required to include a full body harness as the body support component.

Fall Arrest • Fall Protection Equipment •All fall protection equipment must be inspected for damage, wear, and obvious defects by a competent worker before each use (O. 74 Kb: FP541 Rope Grab Clinch Nut Product Advisory North Safety has received reports that the clinch nut on our FP541 series rope grab is being dislodged from the body of the rope grab housing in situations where there is repetitive impact to the unit. In almost every industry, there are areas where workers are subjected to fall hazards.

• Conduct a fall hazard assessment. protection systems. . . Download the Protecta full catalog (PDF, 4. Such systems generally include a lifeline, rope grab, lanyard, and full body harness (body support). 0 ASSEMBLY After unpacking the Raptor TriRex, fall protection manual pdf bolt the cart handle to the yoke with the provided 5/8 x 2" bolts and 5/8" nylon locking nuts. All hardware must be installed and tightened to ¼ turn past snug tight condition.

fall hazard exposures by being able to: • Recognize fall hazards at your site or facility. to use fall protection equipment as specified by the manufacturer, your employer or in compliance with the company&39;s safety program or industrial safety standards can result in serious injury or death in the event of a fall. View all Fall Protection Products Every at-height worker deserves to be safe, no matter the size or nature of the job. This publication is intended to help workers and employers better understand the Fall Protection in Construction standard’s requirements and the reasons behind them. Harness Specifications All Full Body Harnesses(FBH) shown in this manual are specified as follows:.

department of the navy fall protection guide july don fall protection guide.

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